Assigning a Value to Email – What is Every Email Worth?

What is every email worth to you (your website & your business), which you are [or should be] collecting from the visitors to your Website? All of those visitors to your site are worth something, both intangibly & financially, but how can you define and measure that value, which is just passing by your eyes in the form of Web-Visits and Goals in your Omniture, WebTrends, or Google Analytics?

Hypothetically, let’s say that you average $100 for every “sale” that you are able to make (through whatever your “thing” is); and for every 100 emails that you collect from the visitors on your Website, you are able to convert about one of them into a “sale”. At that rate, with a single-sale worth $100, and converting one out of every one-hundred visitor-emails acquired, each and every email acquired from the visitors to your websites would have the average value of $1/ email obtained (for this example).

With this information, we can get even more detailed with the information we can make, and we can attribute the top performing traffic sources of REVENUE from your Website, which is not an organization of traffic sources by hits, visits, or visitors, but we can instead organize traffic sources by the amount of revenue in an equal percentage form, for an equal comparison of revenue, across your different traffic sources and types of content. From this point, I think you should be asking yourself two questions: 1) What am I selling to the people whose emails I am collecting, and 2) why am I not strategically collecting more emails from my website?


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