Are your chosen people fit for their job description? Is your manpower enough to boost your online business to the top? Do you have the right human resource to guide and help you on your way to success?

Behind the success of any business is a team of professionals and skilled workers who are giving their all in order to ensure that things will flow as smoothly as possible. And as a businessperson, among your most critical tasks is to choose and hire only the best talent that you can find. In any business, the employees are regarded as the most valuable asset. More often than not, they can also be your biggest cost, which is the main reason why it is of great importance that you only hire the right and the best people. So, what are the top traits that you need to search for in a potential employee?

Creative Thinking and Intelligence

Effective employees are those who are mentally sharp. As much as possible, your employees are expected to have a full understanding of the nature of his/her job duties, can adapt to the changes, and can multitask with all efficiency. Efficient personnel go to work prepared and willing to carry out all their duties. Strong reasoning skills and critical thinking are a big plus, but the better employees are the ones who can comprehend when they need to ad lib and when they have to follow the orders. Effective employees are those who use their creative thinking for navigating problems, not those who constantly run towards the management every time there is a block in the road. However, the employees must also make use of reasonable judgment, understanding the difference of problems which then can completely handle on their own and the ones which are extremely serious.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

An effective employee is someone who knows how to work well with the rest of his/her fellow employees. Although they might really be likeable at all times, they should treat other people with professionalism and respect. As such, a valued employee is someone who does not hide information or hoard resources. An effective employee shares experience and knowledge, and knows the right time to get serious and joke around, and can also be easily approached by the management and co-workers.

Effective Communicators

It is a known fact that communication is a 2-way process – employees should listen actively and understand what others are saying and should voice out their own ideas in objective, concise, and clear ways. Objectivity is a must. An effective employee will not overly respond to criticisms and problems in emotional manners. Also, an effective employee must be able to properly communicate in both written and oral communications.

Ethical Matters

This one covers traits like integrity, reliability, and honesty. An effective employee is someone who will not shirk his/her responsibility, someone who can be counted on by the management. When in the verge of criticism or asked with a hard question, effective resources are direct and honest. They are also loyal and will work towards attaining results and striving to carry other responsibilities as their roles in the organization starts to grow.


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