Only Coin Card – The Future of Plastic & Digital Money

Only Coin, the new plastic digital card

Almost everything changes in life, at one point or another. This is especially true of technology, it is constantly evolving. It gets better each day as new ideas are put into motion and end with a final product that makes life better. One such idea is the Only Coin card.

Of course not many know about this card as of now, but it will soon be the latest rage, just as so many other awesome products before it. Basically, just like cash registers are being retired for a more portable and useful iPad POS, and delivery companies are setting to deliver packages with robots, the Only Coin card is one thin single card to replace all debit and credit cards in your purse or wallet.

Sounds impossible, but it’s true. Only Coin is a card that works off of an app to create a more convenient way to spend money. No longer is necessary to carry around a stack of payment cards. By using a special adapter that connects to a smart phone, cardholders can swipe the magnetic strip of each card they carry and store all pertinent information on their Only Coin card, which is secure, while also subject to Coin’s terms and conditions.

When making a purchase the card holder can select which credit or debit card they wish to use and lock its information so it can be read when scanned at check out. Truly this invention is not only warranted, but long overdue for many of us. Keeping track of every credit and debit card can be a hassle, and can create the risk of identity theft as well as the continual need to report cards lost or stolen.

This one card method of payment will be especially useful for those of us who are organizationally challenged to say the least. After all, losing or misplacing debit and credit cards is a daily occurrence. Most banks or credit card companies receive a high volume of lost or misplaced card reports each day.

It is easy to see the level of popularity this card is going to reach. While capable of storing each cardholders collection, it also has a built in safety feature no other payment method can boast. When a cardholder accidentally leaves their Only Coin card on their dresser, or with a cashier, their smartphone that is linked to the card will send a distinctive alert signaling that the card is far away from the phone. Considering all of the benefits of this unique payment system, those who take advantage of the pre-order sale will definitely be anxiously awaiting their answer to the age old problems of being a cardholder, when the device is released in Summer 2014.