Wonder Questions

Sometimes I wonder how the day grows.

Sometimes I wonder where the night goes.

Sometimes I wonder what tomorrow will mass.

Sometimes I wonder when yesterday will pass.

Sometimes I wonder who wonders all this.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m blessed with such bliss.

Writing to end a Literal Slumber

Ending a Writing Slumber

I have always loved to read and write. I came into an age of playground fun, city streets, and Macintosh computers. The Dewey Decimal System and the Encyclopedia Britannica was how I found my books and information before Google and Wikipedia. My professional focus has consistently been placed on acquiring and applying information, based on available data and the ever-rapidly-changing situations in Internet, business, and technology. I always knew a portion of my time should have been placed in outputting my own learned knowledge and experience, since I love helping people and contributing to common interests. So many years later, I sit with my wife and our five beautiful children, and we take part in our writing time — to be awake and alive with the “written” word and our experience.